Who is she?


Welcome to my website! Along with information about me and my books, you’ll find suggestions for other authors I think you’ll enjoy, miscellaneous writing of mine and writing exercises you can try out yourself. We swim in a world of words, and I think it ought to be just as much fun as jumping into the lovely pool in my last backyard.

Some background: I  was born smackdab in the middle of the country in Kansas City, the middle of five children, in the middle of the Baby Boom. (Have I been middle aged all my life?) I grew up loving animals and books in equal measure, though I was never able to have as many of either as I would have liked.

I’ve been married forever to a professional storyteller. We’ve lived in twenty-one houses in fourteen cities in six states (Oklahoma, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, and California) during nearly forty years of marriage. Someone once asked me if we were in the witness protection program, but my husband claims that when you lie for a living you have to leave town every so often.

In 2011 I retired from a 33-year career as a children’s services librarian and administrator. During that time I wrote grants, publicity, articles, instructional materials and short films. An article on size-positive picture books called “Tons of Fun,” published in Radiance Magazine (now sadly defunct), can be read online here.

Home now is Salem, Oregon – quite a change from ten years in Southern California! I hang out with my husband Steven

two people

Yup, that's us!

Edward, who is a Springer/Rottweiler/shepherd mix (combining the best of all his breeds!)

His ‘noble’ pose…

his younger sister Zoe, a Springer/Lab mix

Springer mix dogs

and cats Noll Baxter and Mrs. Wilberforce.

two cats

He's touching me

We live in what we consider a very cool Midcentury Modern house, where we host storytelling and writing retreats and other events.


1957 was a very good year!

Retreat participants become honorary cousins for the weekend or week long seminars (that means you make your own bed and hang up your towel after you shower, and it’s okay to forage for a snack in the fridge). Depending on the topic of the retreat, there can be solo coaching and small group work, plus time to work on your writing or story development. And when you need a break you can play tennis or shoot some baskets on our sports court.

Tennis, anyone?

Three books are now available in my Willow Falls series: Sleeping Dogs LieIn Dogs We Trust and The Dog Prince. If you enjoy your mysteries cozy with a sprinkling of dogs, you’re going to love my books! You’ll find them in trade paperbacks as well as e-books. And I’m maintaining my weekend identity as my alter ego, the Queen of Fifty Cents. Which means I will simply have to keep going to garage sales on Saturday morning (faux sigh).

Books by Sharon Henegar

2 Responses to “Who is she?”

  1. Sandie {A Bloggable Life}

    Glad to *meet* you fellow thrifter. So you were raised in KC? That’s where we live now! I love it here, but the view from your writing office is awfully nice…

  2. linda clark

    hello, i found your wonderful Queen of Fifty Cents blog and follow you with much excitement each Saturday. I had read about your “retirement” home, but didn’t know it was in Salem, OR., my hometown. I live in West Linn, near Portland. I will be eagerly looking forward to the future when you being scheduling your workshops. Keep up the fun!! and I’ll read you on Saturday.

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