Hooray! A New Book!

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Bringing out a new book is always an exciting event, and Shopping on Driveways: Advice for Thrifters from the Queen of Fifty Cents is no exception. This book was so much fun to write!

I’ve done a live program called Shopping on Driveways for several years, in which I share stories and tips from my years buying secondhand. It turned out to be the perfect outline for a book. And I’ve done so much thrifting through the years that I have a zillion stories. The hard part was not including them all!

Here’s what the book is about:

Shop ‘til you drop…and spend pennies on the dollar! Yard sales, tag sales, estate sales, rummage sales have amazing deals on all kinds of treasure. You can

  • furnish and decorate your home
  • clothe yourself and your family
  • entertain the kids
  • spiff up your yard
  • find gifts for everyone on your list
  • collect materials for crafting and upcycling
  • buy items to resell at a profit.

The Queen of Fifty Cents will show you how to find great sales, how to bargain like a champ and leave everyone smiling, even how to hold your own sale (the best ever). Great advice from an expert thrifter!

I hope you’ll give it a look. The ebook is only $2.99 (paperback is $12.95), it’s a quick read, and you’ll be ready to go shopping the Queen of Fifty Cents way!

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