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Calling all readers of Sleeping Dogs Lie!

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As you probably know, I’m bringing out the second Willow Falls novel soon: In Dogs We Trust. (Louisa and the dogs, an island bed & breakfast inn, counterfeiting and things that go bump in the night!) I want to include a few quotes from readers on the back cover. And I might use a quote from…YOU!

You know what I’m talking about. Usually they’re from other authors, sometimes newspaper or journal reviews. I’m looking at the back cover of a Madeleine Brent book I just read (did you know that Brent was really Peter O’Donnell?) which includes these gems: “Compulsive reading: I found it hard to put down until I had finished.” – Victoria Holt (Is that a quote or a definition?). And, “A remarkable heroine, a splendidly crafted novel.” – Publishers Weekly. Or, “A thoroughly satisfying story filled with delicious surprises.” – Phyllis A. Whitney.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d be awfully pleased Phyllis or Victoria or PW were to send along a nice comment. Okay, Phyllis and Victoria are no longer with us, so I admit I’d be a bit spooked – but still pleased. But what I’d really like is some delicious quotes from readers like you.

Here’s all you have to do: leave a comment about Sleeping Dogs Lie at If you’re feeling kind and ambitious, you can comment at Barnes & Noble as well.You can comment at Amazon even if you didn’t buy the book there (though I believe you need an Amazon account). I’ve never commented on B&N but I figure it’s similar.

I’ll select some comments to include in the back cover copy. And of course I will be warmly appreciative for your nice words!

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